What are your skills?

What are your skills?


Concerning your job and also expert skills?

What are you particularly proficient at?

Anything you could visually explain to others?


Since my background is the IT industry for several years I thought about using my knowledge not only to describe a certain principle however additionally to collaborate with the software program I am familiar with. So you might wish to attempt to do some illustrations or a few other computer-produced materials on those “rainy days” where outside shooting is not the very best suggestion.

Study your proficiency on the different Microstock internet sites. Do they get it right? I have seen numerous images in the IT atmosphere. Where specific topics are just not detailed correctly. So I think some factors try to market what is “hot” without actually recognizing anything concerning it. Use your skills!

What is happening around you?


What regarding your environment? Are you residing in a fascinating place, house, street, town, or country? Do you understand intriguing individuals or special events that only happen around the place you live? Try to reevaluate the things around you … go to the attic or perhaps better on the roof if you can or stroll in the neighborhood with your new unique “mounted view” … you will be surprised by the number of new things you discover even though you might live there for a long time currently.

An excellent way to exercise this is a tip from a fellow professional photographer that claimed: “I do personal obstacles on a monthly basis to maintain me concentrated: A project to go out for a shooting with the subjects “My city”, “My neighborhood”, “My street”. That is fairly difficult especially for “My street” yet it requires me to look past what others would certainly see”


I believe the factor I am attempting to make is: Browse and look inside yourself. I absolutely think that your passion for a detailed topic. The recognition of your atmosphere shows in your pictures which leads to higher sales.

This does not indicate you need to not check out brand-new locations. I am continuously reviewing as well as enrolling to enhance my skills and also enhance my photos … If you are a newbie you may intend to get a brand-new lens and also get a brand-new perspective (I bear in mind the second lens I acquired was a macro which opened up a whole brand-new world) … Do among the plenty of special projects you can locate on the internet (Water declines, frozen fruits or welcome a close friend for a portrait shooting).